The Songs of Washington Phillips

Depending on the site you consult, you'll read

Much if not all of the mystique surrounding Washington Phillips involves whether the instrument played on his recordings was the dolceola, a rare keyboard instrument, or simply a more common zither. See, for example, the articles by Gregg Miner and Kelly Williams and Michael Corcorran

I stumbled across the music of Washington Phillips while visiting The sound of the dolceola, zither, or whatever-it-was is interesting, but the controversey surrounding the dolceola seemed to me to be nothing more than a distraction from the power of his songs! I ran a few searches for his lyrics but came up dry, so I decided to transcribe them myself and post them so that others might have to them, too.

These are transcriptions of the songs the way I hear them. Corrections are weclomed. There are a few phrases that puzzle me. They are contained in square brackets.

A Mother's Last Word To Her Daughter
A Mother's Last Word To Her Son
The Church Needs Good Deacons
Denomination Blues
I Am Born To Preach The Gospel
I Had A Good Father And Mother
I've Got the Key To The Kingdom
Jesus Is My Friend
Lift Him Up That's All
Paul And Silas In Jail
Take Your Burden To The Lord And Leave It There
Train Your Child
What Are They Doing In Heaven Today
You Can't Stop A Tattler