Linda Henry - fiddle & autoharp     Jerry Dallal - guitar

We met playing at Alan Kaufman's Sunday night jam Old Time jam at The Skellig in Waltham, MA. When we discovered we both enjoyed singing Old Time tunes, we resolved, in late 2008, to get together to sing some duets. We've been doing it ever since.

Kitty (Alone) & I. From the singing of Joe Carter. Recorded August 3, 2013.

Hold To God's Unchanging Hand. Recorded August 3, 2013.

Take A Moment And Live. Recorded September 2, 2013.

As much as we enjoy singing, we like fiddle tunes, too. Sweet Ellen (September 2, 2013) is from Hill Country Tunes by Samuel Preston Bayard.

Rehearsal Outtakes

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